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Welcome to The New Testament Church School of Theology (hereafter referred to as TNT/SOT).  TNT/SOT  is an interdenominational, post-secondary Christian education school where God is establishing His covenant here in the earth based upon the Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Heb. 6:1-3).


The School of Theology seeks to serve those of like biblical faith in evangelical Protestantism.  The faculty, governing board, and students are members of various denominational or independent churches and areas of the country.


Founded in 2014, TNT/SOT is considered a highly recommended educational institution by its students, faculty, graduates and community members.  Join other believers at an academically sound, affordable and accessible Christian school and begin your mission of service and disciple making.  

We invite and encourage all to come and immerse in the Love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  As you receive His words which are Spirit and Life, we ensure an atmosphere of refreshing--that good part which no one can take away (Luke 10:42)--being transformed into the image of God.

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